Welcome to chaosmonks.org. We are the online arm of small communities of magickians and mystics who have gathered together to further our growth as true human beings. We share some ideas and approaches, but realize that we are all individuals, and we support one another in our efforts.

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3 September 2013 : I bet you thought I had disappeared, didn't you? No; I was distracted. This isn't bad, but it just is. I'm still around. Chaos is still around. There is still a universe to co-create. Why don't we do so together?

5 January 2012 : Ah, another year! I'm still around. Still in Tucson, but not for much longer. I get two or three e-mails a year about the monastery, so I know people are interested. I hope to update this website soon; this old-school HTML crap has got to go. And I think I can make it more of an online community thing, a place where those interested in monasticism can talk to one another. I'll do my best to make time for this. Drop me a note (hxaosanto at the google mail service) if you're interested in helping. Embrace the Chaos!

24 May 2009 : Roller coaster, indeed! The past couple of years have been a complete whirlwind. It almost feels as if I've lived an entire life in just a few hundred days. That being said, I'm still in Tucson. I'm still a magickian. I'm single again. I'm still a communitarian. There's no land yet. There's no community yet. But there is the dream, the dream of a multi-faceted monastic community of magickians, philosophers, dreamers, and doers who are working together. I'm still here. E-mail me.

26 September 2006 : Life and our minds are really a roller-coaster sometimes, eh? I'm still in Tucson, attending the yoga program. I've met a wonderful, magickal woman and we have decided to walk along this path together. And she and I both wish for a community, a "tribe" if you will, of like-minded people. This dovetails with my interest in monasticism and alternative ways of living. Although I believe that chaos magick needs a monastic tradition of sorts, I am no longer limiting my thoughts to that specific path/approach; this website, though, will still focus on the chaos magick path. This "new monasticism" I'm envisioning is large enough to encompass many different traditions. I keep saying I'll write more, but haven't. I'll try to do so as soon as I can. Embrace the Chaos, my friends.

15 August 2006 : Yet another minor news update arrives! Things are calm, yet active, here. Hxaosanto has started a yoga teacher training program that will last until December. I'd suggest that, if you haven't tried yoga, do so; it's amazing, and full of magick. And we've got a bedroom for rent here for magickians/yogis/martial artists/alternative calm types - $400/mo, all bills paid. Drop Hxaosanto a note about yoga, the room, or monasticism, as you wish. Embrace the Chaos!

17 June 2006 : What a long, strange trip it's been! Over the past 3 months I've embarked on a lot of changes in my life. For a short time (almost a month), one of the people who was interested in the monastery lived with me. We had many good conversations. I guess you could say that the monastery had 2 residents for that time. I've also been e-mailed by a couple of other people who expressed interest in the idea of the monastery; one of them donated for website upkeep (thanks!). My ideas about the monastery are shifting a bit, mostly towards a more multidisciplinary pattern; I'll write about it soon. Drop Hxaosanto an e-mail if you have ideas, suggestions, or comments.

25 March 2006 : OK, make that 3 people; another person who is currently living in Phoenix contacted me and is interested in helping form the monastery. So, I've started corresponding with all 3 of them. Personally, I'm leaning towards an "urban monastery" idea right now, very similar to The Lone Star of Chaos. I'll let you know how things go. Oh! And I added a section to the site: monks. If you'd like to be added, write a bio, maybe include a pic, send it to Hxaosanto, and he'll add it. Embrace the Chaos!

18 March 2006 : It's been an interesting couple of weeks. I've had 2 people contact me via e-mail: one lives in Phoenix, and another just moved to Tucson. The site traffic shows that people are reading things here. I get the feeling that, were I or others to put more energy into this site and into the monastery idea itself, it would grow. So, I'll try to do some housecleaning and updating of the site. Does anyone else have any suggestions or comments? If so, e-mail Hxaosanto at Yahoo.

21 February 2006: I've added a couple of people to the chaosnomads page. If you'd like to be added, either as a host or as a nomad, please read the page and e-mail Hxaosanto with your information.

24 January 2006 : OK, we're back online - mostly. I've moved, and so has the site. The only thing I wasn't able to save were the forums. I may have the data somewhere, but I doubt I'll use that forum software again, so I'd have to import the entries by hand. When I get some forums running again, I'll try to do that. Otherwise, everything else should be working. I apologize for the downtime. And, if you're looking for exceptionally inexpensive hosting where you get effectively your own complete server for only a few dollars a month, check out unixshell.com. They're not perfect, but I feel I'm getting way more than my money's worth.

19 Fast 1 / 29 August 2005 : Due to the fact that society seems to think that money is so important, I've created the chaosmonks.org Online Store. Click the link in the navigation bar to go there. Also, please read store philosophy page where I talk at length about why this store was created.

16 Fast 1 / 26 August 2005 : More small updates. I added a standard footer to the bottom of the pages (see below). I also started creating a personal page about me as a step towards having not only pages about monasteries, but also pages about individual monks. I didn't "add mine first" as any sort of ego trip; I'm just playing with the idea at this point. I'm also seriously considering having an online store for books and other items. At first, it would probably just be an "Amazon.com affiliate" sort of thing, but could grow. If nothing else, hopefully it would pay for the site's upkeep. More news when I make it.

13 Fast 1 / 23 August 2005 : I re-arranged the "monasteries" page, splitting up the various monasteries to their own pages. Keep checking this page, as I'll note any updates I make to the site here from now on.

2 Fast 1 / 12 August 2005 : I'm tweaking things here and there. I edited the Rule a little. I created a new forum ("The Rule"). I added a document to the library. And I added this news section on the main page. Keep watching; I'm hoping to make this site a bit more comprehensive over the next few days and weeks. And thanks for visiting!

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